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This site was set up to share some of the electronic jigsaw puzzles  I have made, and  I have since added various other free games, stories etc. 

                         Computer Jigsaws

To find out about computer jigsaws- how to play them, what programs are available to make them, etc, go to

.You play these puzzles on your  computer, so 

  • you never lose pieces,
  • they don't take up your whole dining  table,
  • your family/pets don't mess them up... and
  • you can even make your own from your favourite photos if you get a program- (see my puzzles info page). 

Here is an example of an epuzzle electronic jigsaw (this one has 40 pieces; you can click on the picture to open or download it):      

I've spent many hours experimenting and creating puzzles with various programs, and I now have quite a collection of puzzles. The students at the school where I teach have been having lots of fun with them, but I'd like to make them available outside school.

Many children  love jigsaw puzzles, so they can be a powerful teaching tool. I am including words in many of the pictures, so that children are putting together words as they complete the puzzles.

I've also made some harder puzzles for adults/older kids - see New & Harder Jigsaws.

Here's Looking at You-Kookaburra - online jigsaw puzzle - 80 pieces


 Here is a jigsaw you can play online (courtesy of Jigsaw Planet) It has 80 pieces   Here's Looking at You-Kookaburra

 April 2010- I have made some simple "first jigsaws", of 4-16 pieces, and have added some to my  ePuzzle Jigsaws- Links page.

April 2010There are some new "Melbourne zoo animals jigsaws", with less than 40 pieces, in New & Harder Jigsaws  
Jan. 2012There are some NEW JIGSAWS for the holidays in New & Harder Jigsaws .

 July 2012 - As I've added more printable resources to this site, the downloads have increased and have now become unmanageable, leading to the site being threatened with deactivation!

To help defray the increased costs as more people use the free resources offered, I've moved the links for most of the printable "tiny books",  activity sheets and games.

These are now available from the private Premium Access page (you can download all the resources on the page by donating just $5 towards site costs; see Premium Printable Access page for details).

All the jigsaws, Memory/Concentration games, photos, crosswords and cryptograms are still completely free to download and use for personal/educational (non-commercial) use!


                         MEMORY (CONCENTRATION) games

Check out my Computer Memory Game  page for wonderful free, educational Memory (Concentration) games to download and play... with word cards, and pictures of favourites such as motorbikes, horses, animals, etc:


 I have made some printable Memory / Concentration cards sets in PDf format; e.g.



Some of these are available for you to download for free. You can print them and use as cards for games, as digital swap cards, etc- see my  Memory Game to print  page.




Sept 2008: I have been using the free crossword-making program I downloaded from http://www.eclipsecrossword.com * to make some very simple crosswords for my reading students. They are aimed at children reading at about 6-year-old level, about Reading Recovery level 7-12 .

The crosswords may be played online, or printed out. See my  Crossword Puzzles  page for those I have made.

                                                              (*This program is highly recommended- quick and easy to use, and completely free!)  


 I have also made some easy cryptograms, using a free program I downloaded from www.varietygames.com * , and using nursery rhymes with clues to make them easy. These are aimed at children reading at about 7-8-year-old level.

See my First Cryptograms pages for puzzles to print out.

(*This program is also highly recommended- quick , easy to use, and free! The link to download is on my recommended sites page).

                              FREE MINI-BOOKS TO PRINT


I have found some very good sites for free printable "mini books" for pre-school and primary-school children. The links are on the Free Mini Books to Print page.

There are also "tiny books"* to print and fold for beginner readers or littlies (plus instructions on how to make them).

*Most of these are now on the "Premium Access" page due to excessive downloads, but you can still access them very cheaply - see Premium Printable Access

                            STORIES FOR CHILDREN

There are some lovely free online or downloadable stories available if you know where to look! This page has links to the best sites I've found, including the wonderful Storynory site, where you can download MP3 files of a huge range of stories for your children to listen to, all beautifully told.

  Jan, 2012        Updates on Facebook

Updates for my "educational/general" sites are now on Facebook.

Visit my Free Fun and Games Facebook page to Like, follow and comment on posts.

                    SEASONAL and HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES

Check out this page for fun, reading-based educational activities for kids:

    • Holiday Fun: activity sheets and games to print *, Clip Art, colouring and eCards for Easter and a cute rabbit jigsaw; Christmas clip art.
    • There are also board games to print (and games ideas) for reading practice at my new site: www.free-fun-n-games.com/ 
  • July 2012: *I have had to remove some of the free content on these pages due to excessive downloads using up all my site bandwidth; however, all this content plus printable mini books etc is available through the Premium Printable Access page by donating $5 or more to help cover website/download costs.

  •                                 MISCELLANEOUS

      New Activities,  Recommended Sites: Various "finds" that I think are worth sharing- all family-friendly, most educational and nearly all free!


    Link to www.janbrett.com

     June- Sept 2010- See my New Activities page for my latest free websites on:

    >learning/playing guitar (www.cathyschords.com),
    >teaching children the alphabet sounds and sight words (www.free-fun-n-games.com)   
                                    and also      
                                   > a web page about Sea Monkeys;
    >alphabet rhymes/poems for kids - "personal poems" for hundreds of different names - for fun, rhyming / alliteration and  alphabet letter sounds awareness.

    Index of pages:

    ePuzzle Info: information about the electronic jigsaw puzzles, programs for making jigsaws; other sites for free jigsaws

    ePuzzle Jigsaws- Links: pictures of epuzzle jigsaws, with links to open/download the jigsaw files (* Please Note: these are stand-alone .exe files, created on my computer. They have been scanned before uploading, and I have never known them to cause any problems on any computer. Not available for Mac computers.)

    New & Harder Jigsaws: pictures and links for new epuzzle jigsaws, with some more difficult jigsaws

    How To Play ePuzzles: how to open the files, move the pieces, etc

    Computer Memory Game: links to files for Custom Concentration games, to download

    Memory Game to print : PDF files for Memory/Concentration games to print

    Crossword Puzzles: some very simple crosswords to play or print

    First Cryptograms: some simple cryptograms for children, to copy and print

    Holiday fun: activities and games to print, with a reading focus for primary school kids

    Free Mini Books to Print : some tiny books to print and fold for beginner readers, and links to other sites with mini books to make 

    Premium Printable Access: pictures of printable mini-books, reading games and activity sheets available to those who donate $5 or more towards site costs.  

    Stories for Children links to some excellent sites for stories to read or listen to, online or to download  

    Recommended Sites: links to sites that I have found to have worthwhile games on offer

    New Activitiesnew sites and activities as I come across them and try them out...

    Facebook Page: Updates from my Free Fun and Games Facebook page

    Photo Gallery: an assortment of amateur photos- free for non-commercial use

    Guestbook : please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions. Please let me know if something isn't working.

    Donations: This site is funded from my family's budget, so any donations are most welcome- even a few dollars helps! If you would like to donate $5 or more towards site costs, you are welcome to access the Premium Printables page.

    If you have any suggestions, requests or comments, please leave me a message in my Guestbook . 


    Credits: thanks to these sites for kindly sharing their photos-




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